VicRoads Approved Providers’ Drink Driving Behaviour Change Programs Available in Melbourne

Operated by professionally trained facilitators, Drink Drive Assist (Awareness Driver Education) offer a drink drive behaviour change program to provide education, support and guidance to ensure everyone who is returning to driving does so in a safe and lawful way. As behaviour change program providers, our goal is to generate change within the community around alcohol use and driving, and to encourage a healthy outlook on road safety.

In the pursuit of license restoration, the drink drive behaviour change course is managed by caring staff who are tertiary qualified and experienced in the matter, and who adhere to a strict confidentiality policy. If you have a drink driving conviction which has resulted in a license disqualification, cancellation or vehicle interlocks, and want to return to driving, register with the VicRoads approved providers’ behavior change program.

How Do the Behaviour Change Programs for Drink Driving Work?

In many instances attending a behaviour change program is required by law or recommended depending on the circumstances of your offence. Approved by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986, the drink drive behaviour change programs are split into two sessions, with part 1 and part 2 operating one week apart. You must complete both sessions to pass the program. To learn more about one of the leading providers, Drink Drive Assist (Awareness Driver Education), and the behaviour change programs offered, call 9654 3321.

How Can Behaviour Change Programs Help You Improve?

With the help of behaviour change programs, you are able to condition yourself out of any unhealthy habits that might be causing trouble in your daily life, such as drink driving. There are a range of advantages to consider when signing up for our providers’ behaviour change programs:

Perspective: Behaviour change programs can allow you to gain a new perspective on your current disposition and how you might need to improve in order to receive permission to begin driving again in Melbourne. A fresh perspective might also encourage you accept expert guidance and help you in moving past your current state.

Gain Awareness: VicRoads behaviour change programs can boost awareness in every individual about drink driving in order to avoid making the same mistakes the second time around. Additionally, in-depth contemplation can assist you in identifying where you might’ve slipped and may require proper direction to get back on track again.

Receive Correct Guidance: With our Melbourne team of experts, we are well-versed in assisting our clients in rectifying their behaviour patterns that might have been detrimental and ultimately led to drink driving. Health Awareness Education Pty Ltd., one of VicRoads approved providers, offers top quality behaviour change program services for drink driving offences. This can allow you to benefit from it as much as possible and significantly improve your driving habits to reduce the chances of repeating the same offence in Melbourne.

Put into Action: After receiving all the necessary information from our Melbourne educators in the behaviour change programs, you can start putting all the instructions into practice. By doing so, you begin creating new, healthier habits that can positively impact your daily life and drink-driving habits.

Maintain and Prevent Relapse: it is vital to develop coping strategies to maintain to secure any healthy habits or even mindset that you’ve fostered during your behaviour change program for drink driving. By identifying what your triggers might be and how they could encourage you to fall into damaging habits, can substantially aid you in preventing a relapse from occurring.

Safer Community Standards: By mending unhealthy habits that can cause drink driving, you’ll be contributing to improving your Melbourne community’s living and safety standards. This can potentially work as positive reinforcement for yourself and even encourage other members of your society to follow healthy examples.

Drink Driving Behaviour Change Program Providers in Your Area

In Victoria, approximately 20,000 drivers or more lose their license for drink driving offences, and alcohol is a contributing factor in around one-third of all road deaths. To be a part of the change, and educate yourself on the dangers of drink driving by signing up to one of the best providers for behaviour change programs in metro Melbourne and regional areas, including GeelongWarragulFrankston and Dandenong.

 Choose Health Awareness Education Pty Ltd.’s Drink Driving Behaviour Change Program in Melbourne

Our team of professionals have years of experience in the industry. They know how to properly provide direction and care so you can receive the required approval necessary to continue driving once again. As one of the top, approved providers of behaviour change programs for drink driving by Vicroads, Health Awareness Pty Ltd. effectively delivers the program to every individual that works with us. Connect with one of our customer service representatives at 03 9654 3321 or send an email enquiry to get started with your drink driving behaviour change program in Melbourne today!