Join the line of traffic waiting to attend our highly accredited and nationally recognised drink driving programs. More than 20,000 drivers lose their licence for drink driving in Victoria every year. At Awareness Driver Education, we run road safety programs that educate offenders about the dangers of driving under the influence. Our comprehensive programs get Victorians back on the roads, quickly and safely. Awareness Driver Education runs programs in Frankston at the Church of Christ on Cranbourne Rd.

Our driver education program

If you receive a drink driving conviction with a BAC reading of 0.07 in Victoria, your licence will be immediately suspended. After a period of disqualification, you will need to complete a number of legal hurdles to get back behind the wheel. Many offenders are required to attend a road safety education program, receive a certificate of completion and an assessment report.

Awareness Driver Education runs mandated driving education programs in Frankston and throughout regional Victoria. Our highly accredited program will provide you with the requirements you need to regain your licence. Anyone who completes our program will receive an assessment report that they can present to the Magistrates court.

Our drink driving programs cover an extensive range of road safety issues. Over the three-hour sessions, participants learn their drinking limits and the consequences of reckless driving. Our program is incredibly informative, sensitive and confidential.

Get back on the roads with our educational programs today

If you need a drink driving assessment in Frankston, then come along to our education workshops at the Church of Christ. Our next session is on 28 May and runs from 6pm – to 10pm – . If you would like to attend or have any questions about our assessments, please feel free to give our helpful team a call on 03 9654 3321.