If your licence has been suspended and you want it back, come along to our accredited driver education program in Geelong. Learn the error of your ways at our highly informative and incredibly instructive programs. At Awareness Driver Education, we provide a number of educational services and programs that promote road safety. Our programs are held at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Little Myers St, Geelong.

Accredited driver education program

All drink driving offenders with a BAC reading of 0.07 in Victoria, will have their licence suspended. After a designated period of disqualification, they will need to follow a number of legal steps to get back on the roads. Many offenders are required to complete a court ordered drink driving education program before they can regain their licence.

At Awareness Driver Education, our program will provide you with the means to get back on the road, quickly and safely. Everybody who completes our program will receive a certificate of completion, which will allow them to regain their drivers permit.

Our drink driving program covers a range of topics relating to road safety and alcohol consumption. We teach people their drinking limits and the consequences of driving under the influence. Upon completing our program, offenders will have gained complete knowledge of how to drive safely. Throughout the programs are educators provide emotional support and guidance to participants.

Attend one of our programs today

Come along to our drink driving programs in Geelong at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Our next session is on 6 May and will run from 6pm – to 10pm – . If you want to attend or wish to find out more about the program, feel free to give our professional and friendly team a call on 9654 3321 anytime.