Melbourne-Wide Alcohol Interlock Removal Assessments

Awareness Driver Education offers a number of informative drink driving programs and road safety programs in Victoria. We also run assessments to help Melbourne drivers fulfill the necessary requirements to remove a court mandated alcohol interlock from their vehicle.

Alcohol interlocks

An alcohol interlock is an electronic breath-testing device, wired to the ignition system of a vehicle. They can be fitted to motorcycles, cars and trucks. A vehicle fitted with an interlock will not start unless the driver passes a breath test. They are used on Australian roads and ideal in corporate vehicles to immobilise driving upon detection of alcohol in the breath of the driver. Interlock devices are now mandatory requirements in Victoria and other states in Australia for drink driving offenders.


At Awareness Drive Education, we provide legally mandated interlock removal assessments in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. This program aims to educate offenders about road safety and the hazards associated with drink driving. Upon completion of our assessments, participants will receive a compliance report that they can present to a magistrate, in order to remove an interlock device from their vehicle.

Program instructors

Our drink driving assessments are run by a team of qualified and knowledgeable instructors. They understand the sensitivity of this issue and treat all participants with the utmost respect, understanding and compassion. Our services are entirely confidential and will cater to your individual needs.

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