Awareness Driver Education has been in operation since 1995. Its goal is to facilitate change regarding alcohol use, to promote health, ensure road safety and to provide accredited Drink Driver Education Programs as part of the lawful process for licence restoration. All of our caring staff are experienced and tertiary qualified, and adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.

Awareness Driver Education has a high level of excellence in public relations, liasing with Government Departments and Magistrates Courts. ADE also provide free advice and referral to legal services if required, as well as ongoing support, referrals and follow ups for clients with addictions and dependency on alcohol.

Accredited Drink Drive Behavioral program (programs)/ Behaviour Change Programs

Awareness Driver Education Pty. Ltd. has a number of services and products to assist people with drink driving convictions. Completing an Accredited Drink Drive Behavioral program is required by law in many instances or otherwise recommended depending on the circumstances.